Multiparametric Identification of Putative Senescent Cells in Skeletal Muscle via Mass Cytometry

Yijia Li, Nameera Baig, Daniel Roncancio, Kris Elbein, Dawn Lowe, Michael Kyba, Edgar A. Arriaga *

(2024) Cytometry Part A

Electrophoresis - 2023 - Koh.pdf

Numerical modeling reveals improved organelle separation for dielectrophoretic ratchet migration

Domin Koh, Mukul Sonker, Edgar A. Arriaga , Alexandra Ros

(2023) Electrophoresis

CosTaL: an accurate and scalable graph-based clustering algorithm for high-dimensional single-cell data analysis

Yijia Li, Jonathan Nguyen, David C Anastasiu, Edgar A Arriaga *

(2023) Briefings in Bioinformatics


Combining Isoprenoid Probes with Antibody Markers for Mass Cytometric Analysis of Prenylation in Single Cells

Zoë A. Maxwell , Kiall F. Suazo, Heather M.G. Brown, Mark D. Distefano, and Edgar A. Arriaga*

(2022) Analytical Chemistry

Electrophoresis - 2022 - Ortiz - Continuous organelle separation in an insulator‐based dielectrophoretic device (2).pdf

Continuous organelle separation in an insulator-based dielectrophoretic device

Ricardo Ortiz, Domin Koh, Dai Hyun Kim, Mohammad Towshif Rabbani, Cesar Anguaya Velasquez, Mukul Sonker, Edgar A. Arriaga, Alexandra Ros* 

(2022) Electrophoresis 

Metallointercalators-DNA Tetrahedron Supramolecular Self-Assemblies with Increased Serum Stability

M. Andrey Joaqui-Joaqui, Zoe Maxwell, Mandapati V. Ramakrishnam Raju, Min Jiang, Kriti Srivastava, Fangwei Shao, Edgar A. Arriaga, and Valérie C. Pierre* 

(2022) ACS Nano


Introducing the Journal of Chemical Education’s Special Issue on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect in Chemistry Education Research and Practice

Zakiya S. Wilson-Kennedy, Leyte L. Winfield*, Jennifer Nielson, Edgar A. Arriaga, Ann C. Kimble-Hill, and Florastina Payton-Stewart

(2022) Journal of Chemical Education


Guidelines for Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect in Programs Offering Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry

Michelle M. Brooks*, Felicia A. Fullilove, Ashley B. Mahoney, and Edgar A. Arriaga*

(2022) Journal of Chemical Education



Journal of Chemical Education Call for Papers: Special Issue on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect in Chemistry Education Research and Practice 

Leyte L. Winfield,* Zakiya S. Wilson-Kennedy, Florastina Payton-Stewart, Jennifer Nielson, Ann C. Kimble-Hill, and Edgar A. Arriaga.

(2021) Journal of Chemical Education

2015 - 2020

Nonspecific Binding Correction for Single-Cell Mass Cytometric Analysis of Autophagy and Myblast Differentiation 

Heather M. G. Brown, Michelle M. Kuhns, Zoe Maxwell, and Edgar A. Arriaga*

(2020) Analytical Chemistry

Quantifying Heterogeneity of Individual Organelles in Mixed Populations via Mass Cytometry

Heather M. G. Brown and Edgar A. Arriaga*

(2018) Analytical Chemistry

Deterministic Ratchet for Sub-micrometer (Bio)particle Separation

Daihyun Kim, Jinghui Luo, Edgar A. Arriaga, and Alexandra Ros*

(2018) Analytical Chemistry


Development of a Click-Chemistry Reagent Compatible with Mass Cytometry

Jessica Shaklee, Kriti Srivastava, Heather Brown, Edgar A. Arriaga, Valerie C. Pierre, and Jop H. van Berlo*

(2018) Scientific Report


Fisetin is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan

Matthew J. Yousefzadeh, Yi Zhu, Sara J. McGowan, Luise Angelini, Heike Fuhrmann-Stroissnigg, Ming Xu, Yuan Yuan Ling, Kendra I. Melos, Tamar Pirtskhalava, Christina L. Inman, Collin McGuckian, Erin A. Wade, Jonathon I. Kato, Diego Grassi, Mark Wentworth, Christin E. Burd, Edgar A. Arriaga, Warren L. Ladiges, Tamara Tchkonia, James L. Kirkland, Paul D. Robbins*, and Laura J. Niedernhofer *

(2018) EBioMedicine

Sizing lipid droplets from adult and geriatric mouse liver tissue via nanoparticle tracking analysis

Katherine A. Muratore, Charles P. Najt, Nicholas M. Livezey, James Marti, Douglas G. Mashek, and Edgar A. Arriaga*

(2018) Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Checkpoints for preliminary identification of small molecules found enriched in autophagosomes and activated mast cell secretions analyzed by comparative UPLC/MSe

Chad P. Satori, Marzieh Ramezani, Joseph S. Koopmeiners, Audrey F. Meyer, Jose A. Rodriguez-Navarro, Michelle M. Kuhns, Thane H. Taylor, Christy L. Haynes, Joseph J. Dalluge and Edgar A. Arriaga*

(2017) Analytical Methods

Metabolic Labeling with an Alkyne-modified Isoprenoid Analog Facilitates Imaging and Quantification of the Prenylome in Cells

Charuta C. Palsuledesai, Joshua D. Ochocki, Michelle M.  Kuhns, Yen-Chih Wang, Janel K. Warmka, Dustin S. Chernick, Elizabeth V. Wattenberg, Ling Li, Edgar A. Arriaga, and Mark  D. Distefano*

(2016) ACS Chemical Biology

Capillary Electrophoresis with Laser-Induced Fluorescent Detection of Immunolabeled Individual Autophagy Organelles Isolated from Liver Tissue

Katherine A. Muratore, Heather M. Grundhofer, and Edgar A. Arriaga*

(2016) Analytical Chemistry

Identification and Characterization of Mitochondrial Subtypes in Caenorhabditis elegans via Analysis of Individual Mitochondria by Flow Cytometry

Joseph R. Daniele, Kartoosh Heydari, Edgar A. Arriaga*, and Andrew Dillin

(2016) Analytical Chemistry

Deterministic Absolute Negative Mobility for Micro- and Submicrometer Particles Induced in a Microfluidic Device

Jinghui Luo, Katherine A. Muratore, Edgar A. Arriaga, and Alexandra Ros*

(2016) Analytical Chemistry

Nanohole Array-Directed Trapping of Mammalian Mitochondria Enabling Single Organelle Analysis

Shailabh Kumar, Gregory G. Wolken, Nathan J. Wittenberg, Edgar A. Arriaga*, and Sang-Hyun Oh*

(2015) Analytical Chemistry

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