Organelle Research Group

Our research efforts combine expertise in bioanalytical chemistry, chemical biology, and biomedical engineering. We develop unique methods and instrumentation to characterize the chemical, biochemical, and physiological properties of single biological cells and their subcellular components (organelles). These resources enable single cell and subcellular studies that are essential to investigate biological complexity, which presently sets limitations to the research carried out in the biomedical and biotechnological fields. 

Within these fields we strive to help answers key questions related to the aging process, diabetes and obesity and neurodegeneration as we apply our developments to biological models including mammalian cell cultures, murine and human skeletal muscle, and Caenorhabditis elegans.  


 Latest Publication

CosTaL: an accurate and scalable graph-based clustering algorithm for high-dimensional single-cell data analysis

Yijia Li, Jonathan Nguyen, David C Anastasiu, Edgar A Arriaga *

(2023) Briefings in Bioinformatics

 Group Updates


Hyeokjung's OPE Passed! 

We're celebrating the remarkable achievement of our group members' graduation. It's truly amazing to see everyone dressed so splendidly for this momentous occasion! A hearty congratulations to Ismail, Ruani, and Lourenço! We couldn't be more proud of your accomplishments.


Hyeokjung's OPE Passed!

Yay! Hyeokjung has passed his Oral Preliminary Exam (OPE) and is now a PhD candidate. His innovative research involves developing a single-cell analytical methodology using a spheroid model and DNA nanostructure. Congratulations, Hyeokjung!


Funding Success for Single-Cell Molecular Pathway Analysis Project

 Great news! Our research proposal, "Single-Cell Molecular Pathway Analysis in Aging Systems via Novel Mass Cytometry Methods," has received funding from the NIH in the section of Cellular and Molecular Technologies. We are very excited for our next pioneering stage in the field of aging research.


Maya, an Inspirational Graduate Student at University of Minnesota and St. Kate's Alumni, to Guide Undergraduates

We are excited to announce that Maya, a proud St. Kate's alumni and graduate student at the University of Minnesota, will be hosting a seminar on 22th March. She will share her experiences and provide valuable insights to undergraduates who are considering graduate school. We are incredibly proud of Maya's radiant positive influence on our community. Don't miss this opportunity to gain guidance and inspiration from one of our own!


Edgar Appointed CSE Dean's Fellow in 2024!🎉

We're thrilled to share that Professor Edgar Arriage has been appointed as the CSE Dean's Fellow for 2024. His contribution to inclusivity and diversity will extend beyond the CHEM department, positively impacting the entire CSE. Congratulations to Edgar on this well-deserved recognition!


Maya won the Excellence Fellowship!🎉

Congratulations to Maya for receiving the 2023-2024 Robert and Jill DeMaster Fellowship, a prestigious award for qualified 4th-year graduate students. She recieved a partial RA appointment for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters.


Happy Birthday Mija!

We made such a memorable occasion for Mija's birthday with delicious cookies. Happy birthday again, Mija!


Mija and Ismail joined our group!

Welcome to our lab group as undergraduate researchers! We are excited to have you join us and contribute to our ongoing research projects. 


Congratulations to Yijia on Hist Publication Acceptance!

We are excited to announce that Yijiaa's publication has been accepted by Briefings in Bioinformatics, and printed! This is a huge accomplishment and we couldn't be prouder of yjia's hard work and dedication.


Congratulations Maya and Kris on this well-deserved achievement!

We are thrilled to announce that Maya and Kris have won the Best Talk Award for their session at the 2023 3rd Year Graduate Student Symposium. Their outstanding presentation on {insert topic} captivated the audience and impressed the judges.


Yijia Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

Yijia defended his PhD thesis on “Bioinformatics Strategies to Interrogate the Hallmarks of Aging in Single-Cells” on May 2, 2023. His work has contributed significantly to the field of aging research. Congratulations, Yijia, on this well-deserved success!


Edgar is telling us about his values as a scientist and mentor via Community Voice!

In this video, our research group's advisor, Prof. Arriaga, shares his thoughts and values about chemistry, humanity, and diversity. It's an interview that offers a unique insight into the mind of a brilliant scientist and mentor. This is a video you won't want to miss.

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