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2024 Undergraduates graduation (Ismail and Ruani)

2023 Fall - 25 Years Anniversary Special Gathering  

2023 Summer - Canoeing Trip 

Trip Arriaga group 25th anniversary - trip.mp4

2023 Summer

Congrats! Dr. Li!

Here's a picture of us celebrating Yijia getting his Ph.D. degree! We had such a great time and made wonderful memories together.


2023 Spring

Completed the annual safety training!!

Today was a great day as we all completed the annual biosafety training. It was both fun and educational, and everyone was in a great mood afterwards. We are now all up to date on the latest safety protocols and ready to continue our work safely and confidently.


Post-Holiday Organelle Gathering (with Guatemalan Punch and Gift Exchange Time!!!)

2022 Summer

Special gathering 2022 

2022 Spring

Special gathering 2022 

2021 Summer

(From left) Kris, Hyeokjung, Cesae, Zoe, Maya, Yukino, Edgar, &Yigia 

2021 Summer

2021 Spring